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About Afysystem

formation technology applied efficiently. 

As a Malaysian system and website developer, Afy System Services will assist your good company to provide one stop solution for information technology. The founding members of the company had ventured out on their own to establish Afy System Services on 17 November 2020. Our wide experience in various fields of manufacturing, shipping, port, engineering and other services, together with our excellence team in system analyst, multimedia, networking and software engineering will ensure our products and services at good quality level and deliver on time. We believe various types of industries and services need customization system to ensure information technology applied efficiently.
Types of Hosting
Dedicated Hosting

A dedicated hosting, or dedicated server, is a type of web hosting service that rents out an entire server to a client. You will not be sharing the server with anyone else

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Shared Hosting

The advantages of shared hosting is it’s ease of use. Shared hosting are usually managed by the server company, and so users do not need to worry about security, upgrades and maintenance.

Managed Hosting
In managed hosting, businesses lend dedicated servers from a managed service provider (MSP). In this IT hosting model, MSPs lend servers that are not shared with anyone. By hiring an MSP, their tech teams will be managing specific aspects of their client’s IT environment. This guarantees business that servers remain up-to-date, well-monitored, and secure
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Cloud Hosting

A cloud server is a type of web hosting service that is built, hosted and delivered through a cloud computing technology. Cloud servers have similar capabilities and functionality compared to a typical server, but cloud servers are accessed remotely from a cloud service provider. 

VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting from Atlantic.Net enables you to build, test, and deploy Windows, Linux, or FreeBSD servers in seconds.

Our VPS Hosting is backed by fast, redundant SSD storage in the Cloud, combining the most advanced innovations and resources of VPS and cloud technology. We offer simplicity, security, scalability, and reliability in VPS solutions to not only improve your performance, but also reduce your costs.


Colocation is an appropriate hosting decision for businesses who want to benefit from the features of a large IT department without incurring costs.

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Why Choose Us
Asshured Speed

we offer a website that is ade security and guaranteed. and from cyber attacks. firewall, malware we give to all our esteemed customers.

internet speed we also provide the best.

Our Motto

Our motto – being obsessed with service means we build solid relationships that last. Our open minded and flexible attitude means we listen to what our customers have to say, our aim being to act as an integral part of your business – another reason why our clients choose Itech..

24/7 Support

A dedicated IT technician will always be available to assist your customers or partners for that matter. Customer satisfaction and gaining referrals are the outcomes of offering 24/7 IT support service.

Range of complementary Services

We offer so much more than just IT Support. Our teams provide our clients with project support, online data backups, SPAM filters, firewalls, network design and more. Get in touch if you have any questions or need advice.